Self Love is the New Resolution


January has come and gone. If your resolutions have gone with it, don’t despair. Plenty of studies have proven they don’t work. This year, why not try setting a New Year Intention? An intention doesn't imply that something is wrong with the way you live, but instead can motivate you to live even better. We've put together a few ideas to reframe traditional resolutions and help you approach your goals for the new year with self-compassion. 

Move More

Many New Year’s Resolutions include things like “get fit” or “lose weight”. Both of these resolutions imply that something about you needs to change, which is not the most self-loving approach, especially for a new mama. Starting from a kinder place, this resolution can morph into the intention to “move more”. You can leave behind grinding out a workout routine and concentrate on moving your body with joy. Moving forward with this intention from a place of love will grow to have more and more benefits in your life. Exercise is good for your mind and your body and will give you more energy to get through the day. As these benefits kick in, it’s likely that moving will become a habit as a way to enhance your quality of life.

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Prioritize Sleep 

One of the biggest ways we can start taking better care of ourselves in the New Year is to get more sleep. Long-term sleep deprivation can negatively impact your memory,  your mood and your immune system, and this goes doubly for mamas. For 2022, set an intention of getting the rest you need to be your best self. Create a calm, relaxed space to catch your zzz’s every night. Make sure to have comfortable linens, aromatherapy candles, or blackout curtains if you need them. Create rituals around bedtime like taking a bath, writing in your journal, or sipping a cup of tea. Each of these actions supports the intention of getting more sleep in a gentle way. 


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Get Some Fresh Air

When you’re a mama, it’s easy to get tunnel vision. Trying to take care of a newborn or your pregnant body as well as the rest of you can seem like a daunting task, and we can focus on trying to get everything done rather than taking a moment to clear our heads. Setting a loving intention of getting more fresh air regularly, whether that means walking outdoors or simply taking a few breaths, can help improve your mood. You can even set a timer on your watch as a gentle reminder to breathe intentionally. We recommend stepping out the front door and taking in the air around you. Changing something as simple as your space can help slow you down and give you a new perspective.


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Maybe your intention for 2022 is simply to slow down and recharge after two crazy years. If that's what you need, we hope you set that intention for yourself because there has never been a better time to show yourself some LOVE. 

When mama is happy, everyone is happy, and taking small steps to support yourself on that journey can help you stay on a nurturing path. Setting the intention to approach life with more self-love is key to helping mamas show up fully for their little ones AND themselves!

And P.S. if you're rolling your eyes and thinking "I don't have time for self-love," we hope you'll head back over to this post to find out how prioritizing your own wellbeing can help you accomplish more.

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