Moms' Top 10 Hospital Bag Essentials


We recently asked moms to share the one item they recommend every mama pack in her hospital bag. Most moms couldn’t keep their advice down to just one item, and we can’t either! Get ready for a list of essentials that will ensure you have everything you need for your hospital bag. 


A soft, warm robe topped the list of clothing recommendations because its easy on/off keeps you comfortable whether you’re shivering or sweating. If yoga pants are in your closet, add a pair to your hospital bag. They’re soft and cozy, plus the elastic waist doubles as a postpartum belly wrap. Last but not least, socks and slippers. Those hospital floors are chilly on bare feet!


Moms say a comfortable nursing bra is a must! You’ll want one as part of your going-home outfit even if you don’t wear it in the hospital. Also, it’s a good idea to pack a pair of button-down PJs or a button-up nightgown for easy breastfeeding access. Skin-to-skin contact is good for babies and parents alike, and you’ll appreciate being able to easily snuggle up with your newborn. 


Yes, the hospital will likely provide the absolute essentials, but bringing toiletries from home is bound to make your stay infinitely more comfortable. Pack your own shampoo (and dry shampoo, for when you want to freshen up without standing in the shower), toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush and deodorant in your toiletry kit. If you still have space, add an eye mask for extra soothing sleep. 


One in eight moms surveyed specifically mentioned chapstick as a hospital bag necessity. Between labor and dry hospital air, lips are bound to get chapped. Make sure to have nipple cream packed and ready to soothe any breastfeeding irritation. Don’t forget your daily moisturizers either, like your favorite face and hand lotion. Recirculated hospital air is very drying! Bring a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated inside and out. 


Grab your favorite blanket, pillow, or towel to make your time at the hospital feel more like home. If you never leave home without mascara, pack it in your hospital bag, too. Some new moms feel silly bringing makeup to the hospital, but experienced mothers will tell you – do whatever makes you feel good! Add a face mask or soothing essential oils for a feel-pretty treat


Make sure you pack an extra phone charger! You’ll want to keep that battery-powered so you can take a million new baby photos and share them with family and friends. Hair ties probably have a permanent home in your purse; why not stick a few in your hospital bag as well? Last but not least: snacks, snacks, snacks! Pack your favorites, plus extras for your partner, children, and whoever else will be keeping you company at the hospital.


Once you’ve filled your hospital bag with cozy clothing, comfortable nursing wear, your own favorites toiletries and moisturizers, snacks, a phone charger, and a few self-care treats, rest assured that you’re perfectly prepared for your delivery stay. You’ll have everything you need at the hospital, leaving you free to focus on loving your new bundle of joy.

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