5 Things You Don’t Need In Your Hospital Bag

Packing your hospital bags can be a daunting or exciting task depending on how you look at it.  Really, it should be fun this is the bag you’ll be bringing when you meet your baby! And you’re only at the hospital after all — not in a foreign country or somewhere without access to a drugstore or Target if you forget anything. So our motto is simplify - the less the better, and we know from experience! You’ll be in that glorious newborn haze, most likely sleep deprived and the easier it is to find things the better! Here are 5 things you can probably leave out of your hospital bag. Multiple outfits for baby: Most likely your baby is going to wear the clothes the hospital or birthing center provides the first 2 days of their life (a thin shirt and thick swaddle blanket and hat) - you really don’t need a ton of clothes just pack one outfit for the ride home. Outfits for you: You’ll probably be in bed most of the time you’re in the hospital recovering from just giving birth - comfort is key and you’ll want to pack accordingly. Leave the going home outfits and anything restrictive like jeans or tight leggings at home. Instead bring a 2 pairs of maternity leggings or joggers, nursing tanks, a cozy cardigan and a nursing nightgown to sleep in.   Breast Pump: You won’t need your breast pump in the hospital — and if for some reason you do you can use one of the hospitals. Pads + Witch Hazel Spray: Unless you’re picky about what you use, the hospital will provide everything you need for postpartum care and even send you home with a bag of supplies! Save room in your bag and leave your stuff at home for when you return from the hospital. Oversized Underwear: Yeah, you can leave that at home, too! The hospital will provide you with ‘mesh panties’ that are disposable and much more appropriate for after birth. You will want to have them on hand at home, though!  

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