Activities to Try if You're Stuck at Home With Your Kids During Coronavirus


We love @caitlinkruse, the creative mom behind @themamanotes. Not only does she have great style, she’s got the best tips for keeping kids busy and mamas sane. Currently expecting her third child, she’s also launched a new biz -- The Mama Notes Activity Shop. She's shared some great ideas for keeping kids busy while you’re stuck at home during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Most of us are stuck at home, quarantined or practicing social distancing given the world health crisis, that is currently happening. We know this can be an overwhelming time, especially if you have young toddlers at home or older kids who are off from school. Coming up with activities to fill all of the hours in the day can be daunting, so we’ve put together some ideas for you to try:

+Try making moon sand, with a few simple ingredients you probably already have on hand

+This color sorting activity is put together with objects found around the house

activities t keep kids busy during coronavirus

+Making your own playdough couldn’t be easier, and you can have fun with different color combinations!

+Freeze small objects in ice cubes and let your children rescue them

+Set up a water pouring station at a sensory table, outside or in a large tupperware bin

+Practice threading cereal onto pipe cleaners

+Have a car wash and clean those outdoor toys

+Sensory rice is fun (and messy), but there are endless options for playing with it!

+Sensory bags are great for younger toddlers

+CosmicKids Yoga on Youtube offers an amazing (free) selection of magical yoga journeys for your little ones to experience!

+Some activities to try with babies 4-8 months old

+Have fun drawing with Mo Willems LUNCH DOODLES, every day for the next few weeks at 1pm EST

+Cincinnati Zoo is hosting daily Facebook lives with different animals and activities

+Other Goose, the wondering online platform for homeschooling from our friend Erin Loechner their charter school-approved curriculum 100% free for the next 3 weeks!

+Children’s book author, Oliver Jeffers is reading one of his books every day on Instagram

+BalletNova Center For Dance is offering free dance classes on their Facebook page

And for you Mama: Please remember to take some time for yourself every day, try a new workout or yoga video on Youtube, read, and stay connected with friends and family.


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