Belle_499051316_n Belle Savransky is a super talented photographer and art director living in New York. She creates everything from editorials to lookbooks to family portraits. Oh yeah, and she’s now mom of THREE. Yup. Another badass Belabumbum client. How does she do it all? Well, like all of us, sometimes she doesn’t…
It's been a rough week. I've fallen asleep at the oddest hours, watched the sun rise one too many times, put on a movie for my kids way too often just to have a few minutes of peace and quiet, and broken down and cried a couple of times because the transition to three kids is A LOT. I've cancelled plans more often than kept them, arrived late to everything I did manage to get to, and somehow convinced myself that peanut butter and banana sandwiches are indeed a nutritious dinner (for the third night in a row). I know it will get easier… more »
Go on, read her whole post. Especially this:
Because for all of the hard moments, there are dozens of perfect ones sprinkled in too, and I never ever want to forget what they feel like. The in between moments when the house is calm (albeit extremely messy), the big kids are happy, and this tiny little soul is resting upon my chest… this is when it all makes sense. I want to forever remember what this feels like.
Yeah. That’s pretty much it. Embrace the mess and the chaos and focus on the calm, in-between moments. Take some time to be still, take it in, and breathe. Oh, and that lovely bra? It’s from our Tallulah collection.

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