Be Truly Romantic In Belabumbum

trulybreathtaking We can't help it—we love love. We adore sappy ballads, romantic comedies, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, and anything and everything  related to Valentine's Day. It might just be our favorite holiday. But above everything else, we love the sentiment behind it — a day dedicated for people all over the world to share their love and appreciation for their special someones. It would be amazing if we all treated each day like Valentine's Day. Maybe teenagers and newlyweds come fairly close to this goal; but most of us with families, careers, and real-world responsibilities understand just how impossible it is. We understand that the measures of true love are commitment, loyalty, and consideration—having a true partner in life. But we still believe wholeheartedly that it's important to make a little extra effort, if only for just one day each year. Our advice to you this Valentine's Day: feel more gorgeous than ever and celebrate your boundless beauty. No matter what stage of life you're in—expecting or not, early 20s or late 70s, embrace your inherent radiance. Before all of your other titles - mother, wife, boss, daughter, etc., - you're a woman. Sometimes it takes something as simple as lingerie to remember this. There's nothing more sexy than confidence and that's what we hope to give you with our lingerie and loungewear. Every piece we make is designed to flatter your figure and enhance your feminine allure. While each collection varies in style, design and outright sexiness, they're all incredibly comfortable and can be worn for years to come. In our opinion, pregnancy can bring out many women's true beauty. It should be a stage in your life when you love and accept your amazing body, which is responsible for the creation of life. Valentine's Day should be even more special when you're expecting — what greater symbol of your love is there than the child you're carrying? We're all about belly, boudoir and beyond — celebrating the beauty of women in all stages of life. We hope you'll embrace this mantra and take this Valentine's Day as an opportunity to feel your most comfortable and sexy in Belabumbum. Check out some of our favorite picks for Valentine's Day!

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