The Simple Moms In Love With Ariel This Valentine's

AR44_MO We love the Simple Moms, a fantastic site that offers tons of insightful wisdom on motherhood and practical product reviews. When we found out they would be doing a little writeup about us we were thrilled. It's always nice when a site you respect highlights your brand. Emily, the writer of this piece, starts out by sharing how she first discovered Belabumbum.
It was during my 3rd pregnancy when I became somewhat obsessed with finding the perfect pajamas and lounge wear to wear post-partum. I wanted something beautiful but not 'cute', modest without the 'frump', and constructed out of high quality soft-to-the-touch materials. Belabumbum. I discovered Belabumbum. Since then, I’ve worn almost exclusively Belabumbum nighties and loungewear for the past 3 years.Pregnancy, postpartum, nursing and beyond – I swoon over each and every piece I own.
How sweet was that? But it only gets better! While we love creating pieces to fit the needs and flatter the shapes of pregnant women, almost all of our pieces are meant to be worn beyond the 9th month. Emily is the perfect example of a mom who has made exemplifies our motto of belly, boudoir and beyond. She goes on to share her love for one of newer collections, Ariel.
I recently got the new Ariel Nightie – and the timing couldn’t be more perfect, because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner – only a few weeks away...Like I said, I now take pajamas very seriously, and as a self-proclaimed connoisseur , I absolutely adore the Ariel nightie for a few specific reasons. 1. It looks stunning while pregnant, recently postpartum during the nursing days, and long after as well… 2. It’s beautiful and sexy, and I can wear it around the house in front of my older kids and not make any of us *blush*. 3. It’s made out of pima cotton – making it super soft and extremely comfortable.
While we put a ton of time and effort into our marketing efforts, we understand that sometimes it's best to hear an honest review from a fellow mom. We couldn't have put it any better than Emily. Make sure to take her advice and try out Ariel for yourself this Valentine's Day!

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