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Moment for MAMA

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Belabumbum in the New York Times Style Section

Belabumbum in the <em>New York Times</em> Style Section
From the New York Times' Catherine St. Louis — a feature on super-sexy nursing bras: Nursing Bras That Show Mothers in More Than ‘Work Mode’. They even quoted me (!) and included a great shot of our hot pink Copacabana Lace nursing bra — featured on the font page of the Style Section. I was pleased about that because this bra is a great example of what we want to achieve with Belabumbum designs — everyday pretty with a wink of sexy. One of the things I explained to Catherine — but which unfortunately didn't make it into the final article — is that Belabumbum is different because we speak to how women really live. We help them exude confidence and appeal on their own terms.

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