Belabumbum is an Ethical Must-Have for New Moms

To us, there's no greater joy than wearing clothes that feel good, look good, and do good for the world. The editors of The Green Hub, a fabulous lifestyle site dedicated to all things sustainable, agree. That's why they've rounded up Gorgeous Ethical Maternity Lingerie Brands, includingyou guessed it!—Belabumbum. alt='Belabumbum is a gorgeous ethical maternity lingerie brand perfect for new moms according to The Green Hub online' width='440' height='440' />
'This ethically sourced range includes nursing bras, maternity sleepwear and also a selection of activewear styles, plus you can even get coordinating sleepwear for Mum and baby, too cute!'
They were kind enough to highlight our 10+ years worth of sustainable and socially responsible business. 'Belabumbum was founded as a social enterprise, with care, ethics and dignity in all of their work interactions built into the brands approach from the very beginning. Working with 9 factories across South America they nurture entrepreneurs and boost job security through microlending, lower profit margins and smart supply chain management.' Here's to hoping the rest of the fashion industry follows our lead!

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