Belabumbum is Millennial Mom Must

A part of every generation's journey is the wild ride of having children. With each wave of new parents, come new ideas and approaches to raising kids.  So the big question is how Gen Y - those born between the early '80s and early '90s - will reimagine parenthood. That answer, of course, is being formed as we speak. But Everyday Family has some new and enlightening insights. The site recently looked at data about these new parents and their preferences to put together a great piece: What Do Millennial Moms Want? For every philosophy they've found these moms hold, they've highlighted a mom or baby product that corresponds perfectly. We're so honored to have made this list of innovative, ethical, and fashion-forward products. Check out their review below:
Millennial moms want items that aren’t good for just one thing, are designed well … oh, and they don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to get it. [They also] look for products that aren’t made in sweatshops, like the maternity and nursing wear from Belabumbum that is responsibly sourced. Belabumbum's Strappy Romper that can be worn as a comfy maternity outfit, paired with a cardigan for a ready-for-work look, and can be used for nursing once the little one arrives.
Happy romping, mamas!

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