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Find Belabumbum in Iconic Town Shop in NYC

 Belabumbum in NYC's Town Shop's new maternity and nursing section
The Town Shop is a New York institution which has helped women find quality undergarments since 1888. This amazing store offers the most fantastic one-on-one fitting experiences provided by true experts. Now, you can find Belabumbum at Town Shop, in their new maternity and nursing section. Our dear friend Nancy Jo of The Maven Mama recently interviewed the store's owner, Danny Koch, about the expansion of their product line and how to find the perfect nursing bra. You can find the full interview, along with a great video clip, here: We wholeheartedly believe that the proper fitting bra can change your life and the folks at Town Shop are just the ones to do that! So if you're ever in NYC, make sure to stop there for a fitting. Town Shop Maternity Collection

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