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Moment for MAMA

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Fit Pregnancy Loves Mum Collection

 Belabumbum's Mum Chemise featured in Fit Pregnancy
Fit Pregnancy is one of our monthly must reads! They've always got the inside scoop on the best products and latest trends for moms-to-be. We were recently featured on 'Laura's Loving It,' a list of the magazine editor Laura Kalehoff's hottest buys. She highlighted our comfy, cozy and versatile Mum Chemise in the latest issue.
'I’ll admit to slipping a cardigan over this comfy nursing gown for a quick Target run. It’s so cute, I doubt anyone knew I was in my nightie!'
MU32 We have to admit to wearing some of our own sleepwear out in public, with no one knowing any wiser. We aim to create pieces that are both luxuriously comfortable and stylish enough to take out into the world.

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