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Getting Baby Ready to Spring Forward

Getting Baby Ready to Spring Forward

Time changes like Springing Forward and Falling Back can wreak havoc on your baby's sleep schedule. If you haven't spent the past week adjusting your baby's sleep schedule by 10 minutes every night, we're pretty sure you're not alone. : )  Add some blackout curtains and take comfort in these easy tips from sleep experts: 

Luckily, Springing Forward isn’t as disruptive as when we turn the clocks back in the fall, so most kids adjust easily.

Alanna McGinn explains in this post. "Begin by waking little ones at the usual time on Sunday morning and following your regular daily routine. Continue with the normal nap and bedtimes, and kids should be on track within a week or so.

“Split the difference on Sunday night and Monday if needed,” suggests RoxBride, a Bump user. “In the spring, if it’s 7:45 p.m. and baby isn’t tired, go for an 8:15 p.m. bedtime. Just keep shortening that time until you get back to the 7:45 p.m. bedtime.” 

"Think of it like jet lag and understand that your toddler may be a little cranky while she adjusts. Add an extra daytime nap for a week or two while your little one's body adapts," advises Angelique Millette, a family sleep consultant in San Francisco.

The key during any kind of sleep adjustment is bedtime. Here are a few ways to prepare for the longer days ahead when the sun is shining earlier in the morning and at bedtime.   

1. Black-out Blinds

2. Toddler Alarm Clocks

2. Sound Machines

If you find yourself struggling to adjust to the time change, you may want to try creating a sleep ritual for yourself. It's just as important for you to get your Zs!



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