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We all have that one person in our lives who is amazingly skilled in the art of gift giving. She always knows how to find the perfect present—one that is occasion appropriate, thoughtful, inventive and filled with love. Even her wrapping skills are to die for. From birthdays to housewarmings, you always look forward to receiving her lovely tokens of friendship. She’s a true gem. Well, there’s her and there’s the rest of us—givers of socks and fruit baskets that are always lacking in the good stuff and packed with junk no one ever eats. For us the holidays inspire a unique strain of fear. Fret no more this year because Belabumbum has got you covered! Our gift certificates are the surefire solution to this annual debacle. We know what you’re thinking though—'gift certificates are a bit impersonal.' We felt the exact same way until we took a minute and reconsidered things. For that special woman in your life  (your spouse, daughter, sister, etc.) a gift certificate can be empowering when a little thought is put into it. We’re not talking about letting her go wild at the home improvement store here. (Although what gal doesn’t love a good miter saw?) We’re talking about beautiful, luxe, ultra-comfortable lingerie. This year, why not take the guessing out of it? Why not give her the chance to treat herself with something she’ll really enjoy all year round? Take it from us—lingerie is always a great option. But what does that look like when she's expecting? There’s no worse idea than the dreaded muumuu and how can you know her size when her figure grows week by week? The answer is simple! With our gift certificates she can find the right piece(s) to cozy up in, and in her correct size. She’ll appreciate you for being so considerate and giving her the chance to spoil herself. Comfort might be that expecting woman in your life’s biggest holiday wish. With all the physical and emotional changes pregnancy brings, it might also feel like her most unattainable one. Present her with a certificate to our Belabumbum online boutique where she can find pieces created keep her comfy.

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