Katusha Henderson Relaxes In Ruby

At Belabumbum, we're all about making time for yourself. Lovely mama of two Katusha Henderson recently wrote a beautiful post on the topic, while highlighting our new Ruby collection. Check out a few excerpts from the full piece and some stunning shots of her below:
'As moms we often tend to turn a blind eye on ourself and focus on taking care of others. While it IS what we are deigned to do, we often forget that we need to set some time aside to love ourselves as well. Sometimes all you need to reset and reenergize is just a little bit of time for yourself.'
'It is amazing what an hour to yourself can do for ones sanity. I feel renewed and refreshed ready to tackle the day. I also believe that to feel good you have to look good. It’s so hard to find the time to take care of yourself but I find even putting on something that makes you feel pretty can make such a big difference. This robe by Belabumbum does just that! They have so much cute maternity, nursing clothes, and PJ’s. I really wish I knew about Belabumbum when I was pregnant as I struggled to find the right clothes that looked cute and felt comfortable. I love the bright colour, I feel like it freshens me up a little with all those bags under my eyes ? And I love the lace detail on the sleeves.' Belabumbum_Katusha_Henderson_Ruby_3  

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