Sleep is the New Black for 2016

Belabumbum We know you've heard it before, but we'll say it again because it's worth repeating: You must put yourself first. When you make your own physical and mental well-being a priority, it makes you better capable of caring for your loved ones. We strongly believe this commitment to yourself has to start with getting enough sleep. Arianna Huffington has declared 'sleep' her big idea for 2016. 'How much and how well we sleep in the coming year — and the years to follow — will determine, in no small measure, our ability to address and solve the problems we're facing as individuals and as a society,she says in a December blog post. Whether you're trying to solve the world's problems or simply keep all the balls in the air, sleep is essential. According to a Harvard Business Review (HBR) article, 'Missing sleep worsens your mood, weakens your memory, and harms your decision-making all day long. It scatters your focus, prevents you from thinking flexibly, and makes you more susceptible to anxiety.' None of this is good, but seriously... no mother needs to be more susceptible to anxiety. And before you think to yourself 'that's why I drink coffee,' the article goes on to explain that 'no amount of caffeine can fully compensate for lack of sleep.' The HBR piece offers several tips to help you get to bed earlier and fall asleep faster and not surprisingly, feeling relaxed is an important first step. We can help you with that. We dream about getting back to our Belabumbum all day long and this year, we hope you will too. Resolve to end your day by putting on your favorite Belabumbum PJs and relaxing and together, let’s vow to make getting enough sleep sexy in 2016!  

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