Baby Center Names Our Bamboo Sleep Bra A New Mom Cooling Essential

Your postpartum body experiences some pretty crazy changes, most of them far from glamourous. Increased body sweat and odor is one ailment new moms rarely discuss, probably because of the embarrassment factor. Thankfully one of the sage experts of Baby Center opened up about her personal experience with this unflattering issue after giving birth. She writes:
I found I was a sweatier, smellier beast than before birth, when I’d frequently skip deodorant on cool days. Like many postpartum women, I found that some wacky combination of post-birth hormones, stress, and the hard work of carrying around and caring for a baby caused code red body odor.
She also shared with us her list of the best products to help cool the body, including our Bamboo Sleep Bra. BF08_PM  
Why would you want to wear a bra while you're sleeping? Because when you're a leaky new mom, a sleep bra holds your breast pads on to soak up seeping milk. Belabumbum's beloved Bamboo Sleep Bra is made of naturally wicking and antibacterial fabric so it's a great choice for the sweaty
Other products include: Belly Bandit's Don't Sweat It Bra Liner, Solly Baby Wrap, Boba Air Carrier, Malouf Gel Dough + Dual Z Gel Pillow and the Linespa Instant Cooling Pad. Stay cool Belas!

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