The Shopping Mama Gets Her Fit Glow On in Belabumbum Active

The Shopping Mama GOFM With the launch of our new Active collection we've made a commitment to helping you all reach your fitness goals, because a healthy mama is a happy mama. The Shopping Mama recently reviewed this new collection, which has quickly become the core of her exercise routine. Read some excerpts below:
'[Belabumbum] recently introduced Belabumbum Active - a supportive and versatile collection of workout apparel to inspire pregnant and nursing moms to keep moving. But, having tested it myself, I can tell you the smart and comfortable pieces are truly for all moms. For the past couple weeks I’ve been working out in the...Room to Flow Cami and Convertible Capri Pant. I realize the pieces were designed for pregnant and nursing moms. I am not pregnant and I am a retired from breastfeeding. But I am committed to staying active and the Cami and Pants have proven to be the perfect for me – from Barre class to running.'
The Shopping Mama GOFM
'The Room to Flow Cami is...extremely functional for nursing. It is not easy to find fitness clothes that are breastfeeding-friendly so this is a huge win. The top layer of the tank is very breathable and loose-fitted with a hip band that helps to keep the whole thing in place [and is] great for studio classes like yoga and Barre. The Convertible Capri Pants have a permanent spot in my workout wear rotation because they are extraordinarily comfortable. The pants have a wide band that you can wear over your baby bump, folded at mid-waist or rolled down. I don’t have a baby bump, more of a very-post-baby-bump, but I find it incredibly comfortable to wear the pants straight and all the way over my waist. The material is so lightweight that even with the pant all the way up past my belly button it doesn’t add extra and unwanted warmth.'
So there you have it - an in depth review from a real life mama who wears our pieces every day and has made them a part of her journey to her best self.
'I’m working hard to build up my running endurance from nothing to a little something. The Belabumbum Active cami and pants give me comfort, coverage and confidence to keep moving.'
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