• Self-Care Bingo

    Self-Care Bingo

    In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month and Mother's Day, Belabumbum is reminding moms that self-care = family care. Recognizing that making time for self care can seem like an impossible task for busy mothers, we're hosting self care bingo through the month of May to make incorporating self care fun. The bite size suggestions on the bingo card are designed to make it easier for moms to nourish their minds, bodies and spirits. 
  • Meet Rosdaly Ramirez, Mama & Mental Health Advocate

    Meet Rosdaly Ramirez, Mama & Mental Health Advocate

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    We met Rosdaly Ramirez, aka @transparentcitymama, while she was pregnant with her second little boy and were thrilled when she agreed to join us as the postpartum model for our recent editorial photo shoot in Brooklyn with her sweet baby. We are 100 percent committed to supporting women as they make one of the biggest transitions of their lives and have enjoyed watching Rosdaly honestly share her story and the wisdom she's gaining as she works towards completing her master's degree in social work.  We talked to Rosdaly about maternal mental health in general as well as...
  • Sleep Hygiene for Moms

    Sleep Hygiene for Moms

    The quality of your sleep affects nearly every aspect of your life. In this post we’ve gathered information about how expecting women and moms can improve their sleep hygiene in the evening and wake up feeling rested. 
  • Getting Baby Ready to Spring Forward

    Getting Baby Ready to Spring Forward

    Time changes like Springing Forward and Falling Back can wreak havoc on your baby's sleep schedule. These easy tips from sleep experts will help you and your baby make the transition. 
  • Mamas Need a Sleep Ritual Too

    A good night's sleep is a rare commodity once kids come into the equation, but it's important to try to get the sleep you need. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite ways to help mamas get some much-needed Z’s.
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