5 Tips For Summer Pregnancies


Being pregnant in the summer comes with its own set of pros and cons -- and today we are sharing some tips for making it through the hottest months of the year with a baby on board:

  • Go out early. Avoid the prime heat of the day and do your errands and outdoor activities in the morning before it gets too hot.
  • Stay cool. This may be a given but it’s especially important to remember when you are out and about -- consider getting a small portable fan for outings in the sun, cool washcloths for around your neck if you’re feeling the heat and wear light and breathable clothing like our strappy romper.
  • Take a swim or hit the mall! Swimming is a great form of exercise when you’re pregnant - consider taking an aerobic swim class to keep yourself moving and cool during the summer. Another great idea for staying active and cool is cruising the mall - spend an hour walking and window shopping!  Our relaxed lounge pants and layered maternity and nursing tank will keep you comfortable while you stroll.
  • Wear a stronger SPF. Increased sun exposure can cause your skin to increase melanin which leads to the ‘mask of pregnancy’ -- so be sure to lather up with a higher SPF when you’re pregnant. A hat helps too!
  • Stay hydrated. Of course, it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the duration of your pregnancy but it’s something to be extra cautious of if you’re pregnant during the summer months. Invest in a large water bottle that keeps water cold and never leave the house without it. Try making some infused waters by filling a pitcher with water and adding your favorite fruit and herbs (we love strawberry and basil and watermelon with mint). We also shared yummy cocktail recipes here.

Images via @sidelinesocialite in our strappy romper.

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