Let Me Count the Ways

So it's that time of year— Love is in the air, hearts & cupids everywhere, there's an underlying humming of All You Need Is Love... We're all about keeping the love flowing all year long and are nuts about this DIY Love Card Deck with 52 ways to show your love for all of your cherished ones— one for every week of the year. Ms. Madison Broadway shows us how she created a deck for her boyfriend on on her blog DIY ID Do it Yourself in Your Dorm. We love the idea of about widening the scope of this project to include your sweetheart, as well as all the other living creatures that you nurture (your mom, your kids, your siblings, your friends) It's great therapy! Write down 52 things you adore about your loved ones: list their best traits, revive the highlights of your time together, wax poetic on how you feel safe in his embrace, or how the tiny dimples on your baby's fingers make you giddy. You could give them out, keep them as a memento for yourself and draw one when you need some loving inspiration. The possibilities are endless and can only lead to great things— renewing your appreciation and reliving the sweet memories is good for everybody's soul:)  It's so easy ! All you need is:
  • Deck of Cards
  • Sharpie
  • Tape
  • Pictures
Check out this project and other Valentine's inspirations on our My Pretty Valentine Pinterest board Photo courtesy of the DIY ID blog.  (make sure to check out some of Madison's other crafty ideas there!)

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